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Working with multiple sets of Terms and Conditions

If your business provides a range of services that requires more than one set of terms and conditions (T+C), you may be wondering how to handle this in HirePOS, especially when it comes to collecting digital signatures and making use of the {ViewInvoice} Button.

Whist HirePOS does not explicitly provide support for functionality for multiple T+C documents, you have some options on moving forward with getting your varied services signed for and out the door. We are going to have a look at some of these now.

(Option 1) Combine your T+Cs

This is our top recommendation, and from our experience, it is the most easy to implement, and is the least confusing or cumbersome for your customers. Done right, you also get the comfort in knowing that if you have a signature, you are covered, as there is no chance the wrong document has been signed.

Often times, a significant portion of the bodys of the various T+Cs are identive, and there are subtle differences or additional sections in one of them.

We often see combining them achieved by adding sections and subsections to the document, lead by a phrase along the lines of

Section 12.b only applies to ********


Sections 14 through 18 apply only when ******

If you are unable to combine your T+Cs, dute to size, complexity, or other reasons, continue reading.

(Option 2) Link out to the differing versions

In this solution, you place a PDF or Web Page of your T+Cs on your web site, and link to them from your T+C setup in HirePOS.