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The Booked to Estimated Return Date

To maximize your hire equipment utilisation, it is important to set the Booked To date on your Booking/Invoices as accurately as possible. There will typically be two scenarios. The customer advises a specific return date/time, or the customer cannot provide an accurate return date/time, in which case the TBA (to be advised) method is used.

Specific Return Date/Time

This scenario simply requires the Booked To date to be populated on the Booking/Invoice, and the autocalc feature will calculate the most appropriate Qty/Units for the period of hire, which can always be overwritten if required. Once the hire equipment is off-hired or returned, the autocalc will recalculate based on the Off Hire date or Hired To date.

Note: If in doubt about the estimated return date/time (Booked To date) always populate this field with the longest hire period and date/time. If you do not block out the stock for a long enough period you may risk the hire equipment being overbooked with another customer that has already booked the same equipment for a later date.

Unknown Return Date/Time (TBA)

In this scenario, you should check the TBA box in the Booking/Invoice screen located to the right of the Booked To field. This will block out all Reservations/Bookings/Invoices until the Hired To date is finally populated, which will be reflected in the Availability screen and double-booking checks.

You can set the Booked To to any date/time you like to reflect the initial contract pricing you would like to present to the customer. We generally recommend setting it to around the end of the following month, in week blocks, e.g. 4 weeks.