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Roll First Invoice Function (As 'Booked to' Date)

If you require customers to pre-pay the first Invoice up front for a set period, and then bill all subsequent Invoices for the hire after end of month as per the normal EOM RollOver process, this setting should be used to streamline the process.

For long term hires that need to be rolled on to continuing Invoices, the Roll 1st Invoice as 'Booked To' date setting treats the first Invoice in the rollover sequence very differently. If an Invoice is still on hire and appears in the EOM RollOver screen, but has never been rolled, then it is regarded as the first Invoice and will display as 1st Invoice in the Status column.

The first Invoice will roll based on the Booked To date for that Invoice, rather than the usual RollOver Date in the EOM RollOver screen (which is typically 1st of month at 12am).

How to activate setting

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Sales/Hire > EOM RollOver.

  2. Click the Options (cog icon) button towards the top, to the right of the Filters button.

  3. Check the setting Roll 1st Invoice as 'Booked To' date (and don't Autocalc).
    Note this setting will be remembered for the next time you return to this screen.


Say the first Invoice was to be pre-paid, and is charged for 28 Days from 14 July to 11 August. The Booked To date should not be altered and the Autocalc should not be triggered on this first Invoice as it has already been pre-paid up front. This Invoice will roll based on the Booked To date, i.e. the 11 August.

Subsequent Invoices will be rolled in the normal EOM fashion based on the RollOver Date (which is typically 1st of month at 12am).

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