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QR Codes

QR codes (Quick Response codes) are a type of two dimensional barcode that is most commonly used as a reference to a website or application that contains further information about the item.

Setting up your Website

To have a QR Code launch a public website URL with information on a particular item, you need to have the Online Store module activated. We can incorporate your Online Store URL into the QR Code so the specific item details are launched in the Online Store site. You don't need to use the full Online Store features, however the item information page will be launched from this site, so the module must be activated, unless you are hosting your own public site with informational pages.

Customising QR Code Labels

In a future update, we will be adding the ability to print QR codes as standard, however this can be achieved currently via a customised barcode label template. See the Custom Reports Templates help doc for further information on customising templates.

Printing QR Code Labels

After your QR Code Labels have been customised to suit your printer (roll or sheet) paper type and dimensions, you can print out your labels as per the Barcode help doc.

Mobile Phones

iPhones, Samsung Phones, and several other Android phones nativity support QR scanning, to try it, just open your camera app and point your phone at a QR code.

iPhone Help Reference

Samsung/Android Help Reference