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Invoice Version

In the case where you need to revise and reissue an Invoice, you may consider appending an Invoice Version to the Invoice number.

The Invoice No field in HirePOS is numeric only, to ensure that Invoice numbers are incremental and consistent. However, the Other tab in the Invoice screen provides an Invoice Version field, where you can enter 1 or 2 alphanumeric characters for the Invoice Version.

For example, if the Invoice No is 1000, you could enter A, then B, then C, or perhaps 1, then 2, then 3, as the Invoice is revised.
This could be left as an internal reference, or you may choose to display the version number to the customer as 1000.A or 1000-1 for example.

If you wish to display the Invoice Version on your Invoices, you will need to submit a custom request to have your Invoice template modified to accommodate this in your preferred format.