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Invoice Templates

The default invoice template in HirePOS displays only the crucial information needed by most customers, in order to keep the layout clean.

But, there are other default layouts you can choose from.

How to change layouts

When you click the Preview button on a Sales Record, you will preview the default Sales Record template you'll be printing/Emailing.

But, you can click the Templates dropdown at the top-right to select from secondary templates.

Tax_Invoice (Reciept)

This is a variant of the standard template, that will include Payment history below the Item details.

This template will not display signatures by default.

Tax_Invoice (Images)

This is the same as the standard template, except that it will display the primary image of your items (if uploaded in Setup > Items > Item details > Images tab)

Delivery & Pickup dockets

These are your Delivery and Pickup dockets, which can also be accessed by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the preview button on the main Sales Record screen.

Custom reports

If non of the above work for you, you can also request a custom template from us, by submitting a request via the ? Icon at the top right > Submit requests/Suggestions.