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Extending TBA Contracts

After the end of the month, you will likely extend your hires via the EOM Rollover process, which closes off the previous month's Invoice and creates a new On Hire Invoice for the current month.

The EOM Rollover is typically carried out after the end of month and will not roll overdue returns. The estimated return date (Booked To date) must be extended beyond the rollover date.

The EOM Rollover screen includes an Extend Over TBA's button to extend all your overdue returns that are marked as TBA. Simply click the button, and ALL the On Hire contracts listed that have a tick icon displayed in the TBA (Open-Ended) column will be extended towards the end of the following month (nearest Full week block).

Given these extended contracts are still On Hire and have not been sent to your customer, the extension date is of no consequence at this point. The actual hire date (Hired To date) will be populated on the next month's rollover or when the equipment is returned, and that's when the Invoice is finalised and will be sent to the customer.