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Emailing CSV for Purchase Orders

It is possible to automatically include a CSV file rather than a PDF when emailing supplier purchase orders.

Custom Templates
Ideally, a Purchase_Order_CSV.mrt template that is customised to your supplier's specifications should be loaded into your account . You'll need to submit a custom request via Help > Custom Request.

Peak Care
For Peak Care (healthcare suppliers) there is a custom template available for upload to your account. Send a request via Help > Custom Request.
You will need to populate the "Delivery GLN" field in Setup > Suppliers, in the Supplier Details under the "Address" section. Use the "GLN" number supplied to you by Peak Care.
If using the Branches module, the Delivery GLN is entered against the Branches in Setup > Branches > Branch details, under the Address section.
For Peak Care, purchase orders should be emailed to

To automatically include a CSV file attachment when emailing purchase orders to the supplier, insert a {PurchaseOrder-AttachCSV} placeholder into the Supplier's "Summary Notes" field.

Email Templates
You can create a template for purchase orders via Setup > Preferences > Email Templates, in Other Email Templates. Ensure the Template Name is called "Purchase Order" so this email template is automatically chosen when emailing purchase orders.