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Copy and Paste in HirePOS and the Web

Web apps are great. They are the direction that everything is going, they stop you having to worry about things like backups and updates, and they work on virtually anything with a screen.

However, there are things that you must sometimes do differently with web apps. Copy and Paste is one of them.

When you use "copy", your device will often pickup more than the text. It picks up the font, formatting, spacing, and even language information. Sometimes, this includes information that the destination cannot fully understand. When this happens, you might observe undesirable results.

If you are having trouble pasting data, or are experiencing odd behaviour after a paste, continue reading...

Pasting into HirePOS

Although there are exceptions, as a general rule always paste 'plain text' into HirePOS.

What is plain text? Plain text is just that, text only. No formatting information, (bold/Italic/bullets etc) and no extra data.

Keyboard Shortcuts.

Most people are aware of CTRL+C (CMND+C on a Mac) as a quick way to copy highlighted text, but did you know there are usually multiple "paste" options? Following is the most commonly found shortcut for "paste plain text".

The quickest and easiest way to Paste without formatting is to use the keyboard shortcut:

Windows: CTRL + SHIFT + V


Paste via Notepad

Another option (longer, but perhaps easier for dedicated mouse users) is to first paste your content into Notepad (included with Windows), and then copy it from notepad to HirePOS. (Mac users can use 'TextEdit' in plain text mode)

Notepad, by design, only supports plain text, and will convert everything you paste into it into plain text. This is especially handy for things like T+Cs that have come from a PDF or word document. You can paste them into notepad, and then use dashes, spaces, tabs, and line breaks to clean it all up.

Then simply copy the result and paste it into HirePOS (using CTRL+V/CMND+V or by using the paste command in the edit menu in the case of T+Cs and email templates)

Frequently Asked Questions

When I right click, there is no option for "Paste", there is only "Link".

When I paste copy and paste an image into my documents, it does not work properly.