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Codes & Barcodes

The purpose of a Code or Barcode is to uniquely identify an Item, Customer, Supplier, etc. Descriptions and Names can often change, so the Code is a sure way to look up and identify the item.

Item Code

Required, 15 characters max.
The Item Code field is an "internal" code found in the Item Details tab of the Item setup.
The best practice is to begin with 100 or 1000 and let the system auto-increment the number for you as you add new items.

Keeping the Code short in length has the following benefits:

  • Easy to remember in the case where you need to walk out to the shop floor, warehouse, or yard, and gather the Code to be entered into the system.

  • Displays and fits into documents better, such as Tax Invoice and Delivery Dockets.

  • Displays and fits into data entry screens better in the app.

Supplier Code 

Optional, 30 characters max.
The Supplier Code field is located in the Stock Control tab of the item setup.

The Supplier Code is used to search the SKU or Part Number of items, particularly for sales inventory.
The Supplier Code is searchable in the Purchase Order and Invoice screen, and can also be displayed on documents if required.


Optional, 20 characters max.
The Barcode field is located in the Stock Control tab of the item setup.

You can use the manufacturer's barcode or make up your own barcodes.
When scanning barcodes, a "fall back" approach is used whereby if no Barcode exists for the item then the Supplier Code will be searched, and if no Supplier Code exists then the Item Code will be searched.

Barcodes can be printed via HirePOS as per the Barcodes guide.

Serial Number

Optional, 50 characters max.

For "singular" hire assets, you can record the manufacturer's serial number (often found on the compliance or specifications plate of the equipment).

Income Code

Optional, 15 characters max.

Used to override the chart of accounts code specified in the item types/category.

These codes are used when exporting invoices to an external accounting suite (such as Xero or MYOB)

Group Code

Optional, 15 characters max.

After setting up your Group Masters you can apply an item to a group.

Items within the same group are seen as interchangeable (reasonably identical) in terms of price, purpose, and specifications.

Serial Tracking Number(s) 

Optional, 50 characters max.

When working with bulk items (quantity for hire greater than 1), you can record up to 3 serial numbers for each member of the bulk qty. This is greater for lower-value assets that still need to be tracked as they are hired and returned.