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Check Availability when Adding Items to a Booking

When adding an item to a Booking/Invoice via the "Code" column dropdown, the Check Availability link can be used to check available quantities prior to adding the item.

  1. Ensure you have the Booked From and Booked To dates entered, as these are required for the availability check.

  2. Narrow down the item dropdown list as much as you can by at least entering in the first few letters for the description or code.

  3. Click the Check Availability link in the dropdown and the app will run the availability check on the first 25 items listed.  It will give you the Qty Available, and show anything that is completely booked out in red.

This feature is a great way to prevent adding an item that is already booked.  But of course the app will always run a complete check after saving the Booking/Invoice and provide the relevant warnings.