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Change the billing Customer on a Sales Record

Occasionally, you may need to change the billing customer on a Sales Record (Quote/Booking/Invoice). This can happen in complex quoting and invoicing arrangements, or simply as a result of human error when first creating the record.

To Change the Customer on a Sales Record

Please note, it is not possible to change the customer on an invoice once a payment has been made, as the invoice customer should always represent the paying party. If you do need to change a customer after a payment is received, you will need to remove and then re apply the payment. Ideally, your customer will be accurate before the payment is actually received.

  1. Ensure that the customer you intend to assign the sales record to currently exists in the system

    1. If they don't, create the new customer either via the Sales screen or Setup > Customers.

  2. Open the Sales Record in question via Sales > Sales, or Sales > Find Sales

  3. Click the Options menu in the top right corner of the screen

  4. Select Change Customer

  5. Click the newly exposed Customer selector that will have appeared above the current customer name in the top left area of the screen

  6. Search for and Select the desired new Customer

  7. Navigate to the bottom right of the page and press Save

  8. You will be directed back to the screen you entered from, and will be able to observe the same invoice, now assigned to a new customer.