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Cancelling a Sales Record

In some cases, you may not be able to delete a sales record, or you may wish to keep a record without affecting your sales figures or outstanding payments.

You can Cancel a record instead, which will cause them to be ignored in most reports and figures, but will keep them around for historical purposes.

When You Should Cancel a Sales Record

  • If you've already made payments onto a Sales record, it cannot be deleted, and must instead be cancelled.

  • If the record has been signed, it cannot be deleted and must be cancelled.

  • Quotes that did not go ahead.

  • Cancelled Bookings

  • Returned Sales items

How to cancel a Record

Depending on whether you are in Desktop or Tablet invoice layout mode, the "Cancelled" checkbox is either at the top right, or in the Other tab, as shown.

Cancelling Quotes

Follow the procedure above to cancel the Quote, and in addition, you can enter notes about the cancellation into the Comments field towards the bottom of the Quote screen.

The Cancelled Quotes/Reservations report located in Reports > Customers & Quotes will list the details in the Comments field just below the Customer name column.