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Booking Dates and Hire Dates

Hire works quite differently to conventional retail, as it is very dynamic and subject to change.

As such, HirePOS requires 4 date fields, not just an invoice date.

Booked From/To Dates:

Are an estimate of when you expect the items to be Dispatched and when you expect them to be returned.

Hired From/To Dates:

Whereas the Hired From/To dates are the actual dates that the items were "dispatched" and were "returned".
This also means that the Hired From/To dates once entered, will override the Booked To/From dates in terms of Autocalc and Availability.

If the Booked-To date is earlier than the current date, and the record has no Hired-From date, this will display an "Overdue booking" reminder on the main screen.
Likewise, if you've got a Hired-From date and the Booked-To date has been exceeded, you will get an "Overdue return" reminder.

If you see an invoice in the overdue section of your reminders screen, it's likely because the Booked-To date has been exceeded, and no hire dates have been entered.