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Bonds are a security payment received that is over and above the hire charge, and are typically used where the customer is to be advised of the total payment required prior to the hire commencing.

For example, a booking of $1,000 requires an additional security bond of $500. The tax invoice will be $1,000 however we need some means of advising the customer they will need to pay the $1,500 prior to hiring the goods.

This is where Bonds are used, and the normal process for Bonds is outlined in the following example:

  1. Booking/Invoice is raised for $1,000.
    Only the Booked From and Booked To dates are populated at this stage.

    1. Click the + Add Bond link below the TOTAL section to show the Bond Required field.

    2. Enter 500 in the Bond Required field.
      Note the Total Inc Bond is displayed as 1,500.