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Auxiliary Items

Auxiliary Items are used for additional assets that may be needed for a job but are not billable. For example, trolleys, tape, ladders, etc.

These items are set up like any other asset, via Setup > Items. It's best to create a separate Item Type for these assets, via Setup > Item Related > Item Types.

Ensure you check the Non Stock checkbox under the Configuration section when setting up a new auxiliary item.

Add auxiliary items to a Booking/Invoice

  1. In the Booking/Invoice screen, click the Extras button dropdown located at the top-right, then click Auxiliary Items.

  2. In the Auxiliary Items screen, you can add new items to the job via the Code column. Only Non Stock items can be added.

  3. Click the Save Changes button located at the bottom-right when done.

Custom Delivery Dockets

The auxiliary items are not listed on delivery dockets as standard. If you require these to be listed, you will need to have your Delivery Docket template customised to suit your requirements. You can submit a request via Help > Custom Request.